Garadhan's Rest

“Come to pay respect at Garadhan’s monument, have you, traveler? I say to you, look around. Speak to the farmers in their fields. Watch the children play on the shores of the Soma. Have a mug of Deepstone Ale, if you think you’ve the constitution for it. No, lad, Garadhan would not have wished for a block of stone or a bit of statuary to mark his name. Garadhan died so that others may live, and we at the Rest honor that sacrifice by doing so.” -Gregor Haufsbauer, innkeeper at The Merry Vagabond.

General Information

The village of Garadhan’s Rest lies near the northeastern border of the Havenlands, bounded by the foothills of the Bones of Tenebros in the north and the Dormir Woods in the south and west. The Rest is so named because it was founded on the site that Garadhan, the first recognized paladin of Feyras, succumbed to starvation after refusing his share of rations while leading a band of refugees during the Great Flight. Garadhan was so beloved that some of his party chose to remain where he fell and eke out their living from that hallowed ground. Garadhan’s Rest has not grown much since, but still stands as a testament of survival to those families whose roots travel back to those first, grim days.

Most residents of Garadhan’s Rest are farmfolk, earning their keep by raising crops such as corn, leeks, tobacco, and hops from the rich soil near the bed of the river Soma. One of the most popular stout ales in the Havenlands, Deepstone Ale, is brewed exclusively at Garadhan’s Rest using hops grown in the region. The village also boasts spectacular fishing, and is a popular destination for anglers during the warm seasons.

Garadhan’s Rest has no local government, per se, due to the fiercely independent nature of those who dwell there. Instead, town hall meetings are held whenever matters of the public trust need to be discussed, and more weight is (generally) lent to those who have a great deal of expertise in the area. In matters of dispute, a vote is held, with each citizen in attendance given equal weight, and time allowed for those unable to attend to cast their lot shortly after.

Notable Residents

  • Amadeus and Estarya Finnlaid, renowned chimera hunters, retired to Estarya’s hometown of Garadhan’s Rest after her pregnancy, and are attended by their housekeeper Hildevarde.
  • Knight-Captain Voribalde Sky, a dragonborn hunter instructor, owns a villa located one mile northeast of the Rest’s border. Knight-Captain Sky heads the hunter’s recruitment efforts, traveling to settlements across the realm and administering the trials required to join the ranks of the militia. He is a close friend of the Finnlaids.
  • Theoren Steinbreaker, dwarven mason, brewer, and local fishing legend.
  • Gregor and Mhina Haufsbauer, who own the local inn, The Merry Vagabond. Mhina Haufsbauer is half-elven, and also serves as the town’s farrier.

Local Curiosities

  • Strange lights are occasionally seen hovering over Squire’s Vigil, a rivulet where Garadhan’s squire Mendel is said to have drawn the last water Garadhan ever drank from.
  • Every seventh year, the highland hops used to brew Deepstone Ale change color to a pale blue, and some claim that they even hum a faint song when under the light of a full moon. The flavor of the beer brewed from the hops lightens, while the alcohol content increases remarkably as well. Harvest rates at this time tend to be smaller as well, so Theoren Steinbreaker has smartly re-branded this lighter ale as High Moon Lager L.E., and barrels only a limited number of casks.
  • Garadhan's Rest

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